Guest lessons

Korompay Zsolt

The latest in our occasional series, here are some nicely laid out beginner beats from my Hungarian drummer friend, Korompay Zsolt. Thanks Korompay!

Chuck Silverman

We are very pleased to announce the first of our guest lessons. Chuck Silverman has very kindly submitted this interesting Samba exercise. Many thanks Chuck!

Chris McCaig

Here is the second of the guest lessons Kindly submitted from Chris McCaig. This lesson is called paradiddle fills.

Mike Tester

Here we have a nice selection of lessons from a good friend of mine, Mike Tester. Mike is the music technology course leader at Middlesbrough college, and he's a great drummer. Check out his first lesson, Easy fills. Thanks Mike...

Mike's second lesson is Hi-hat pedal exercises.

Here is the second part of Mike's Hi-hat pedal exercises. Getting tricky!

Here is Mike's 4th lesson. Try this challenging roll exercise in triplets.

Try these tips for Mike's 'Layering system'.
1. Complete the Ostinato on the samba ostinato lesson.
All exercises to be completed using "hand to hand" & then all notes on the left hand, then all on the right hand.
2. Then Right hand goes to the ride (set patterns bass drum samba (2nd lesson) then get the left hand on the snare, to play the patterns from the 1st page.
3. If you are REALLY clever you can use the HH PEDAL patterns from the hi-hat pedal pages 1 and 2 above.

Here is a samba ostinato lesson from Mike.

Here is the second part to Mike's samba lesson. Try layering these hi-hat patterns onto the samba rhythm.


Graeme Hare - drum teacher

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