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Linear drumming

In these video clips from a Newcastle Drum Centre clinic held at the Metro Radio Arena, we can see Graeme demonstrating 'Linear' drumming. The basic concept to linear drumming is to play one drum or cymbal at a time - each note is struck separately.

Drummers such as David Garibaldi (Tower of power) and the legendary Steve Gadd have demonstrated how this can be an exciting and challenging aspect of drumming, giving the player a unique sound...
Graeme is joined on stage by Richard Rutherford on bass and Richard Naisbett on keyboards.

CLICK HERE to download the handout that accompanies his demonstration.

  • Linear drumming 1 - In this first demonstration, I have taken a very simple and common rock beat using crotchets (1/4 notes) on bass and snare. Notice when I play the linear example, the cymbal part has changed and now is played in between the bass and snare, but I'm left with the original rock beat.
  • Linear drumming 2 - The second demonstration is based on another basic rock/funk beat. When trying the linear examples, make sure the accents and ghost notes are in the right place and at the right volume or the original beat will not be heard.
  • Linear drumming 3 - In the third demonstration we borrowed the groove to Maroon 5's, 'This love'. I really like this beat and the linear version takes it to another challenging level.
  • This love: Full band version - This video features pop idol star Aaron Bayley. This is our version of Maroon 5's, 'This Love'. Check out the percussion break at the end!
  • Linear drumming 4 - The fourth example is a funk groove. Notice when I start the linear examples how you can still hear the original beat, but you can also hear the other interesting rhythms on the ride cymbal weaving in between the bass and snare.
  • Linear drumming 5 - The fifth example is based on a half time shuffle. Notice when I play the linear example, my right hand plays the ride while my left plays the hi hats.
  • Linear drumming 6 - Example six is also based on a half time shuffle. For the linear example, I use this sticking pattern - RLRLL - which is a Group of Five. I simply add a bass drum at the end to make it a Group of Six. You are left with a triplet based linear groove.
  • Linear drumming 7 - Example Seven is another half time shuffle. It starts with the previous example (Group of five, with sticking pattern RLRLL) but also has a double paradiddle in the middle.
  • Linear drumming 8 - The last example is a half time funk groove with some examples of me soloing.
  • Linear Latin - This video features my band 'The Interventionists' and is one of my own compositions, called 'Linear Latin'. I am playing Linear patterns in a Latin style.

We were joined on stage by one of Yamaha's top demonstrators Simon Edgoose. Here we can see Simon playing a nice drum and bass groove.

Here we can see Dave Lourie playing a Dave Weckl tune called 'Rainy Day'.

Here we can see the beginning of our drum battle featuring our demonstrators David Lourie, Simon Edgoose and Graeme Hare. Let battle commence!



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