Michael Spiro

Michael Spiro

I asked Michael If he had checked out our talking drums tribute? He replied:

"Graeme - Yes I did. Sounded good, I would have liked to hear more! You sound excellent on the kit - I like the conga player, would like to have some time with him. He's on the right track.
Thanks so much for contacting me and introducing yourself, and hopefully we'll get to meet in person one day!"

All the best - Michael

Michael Spiro is an internationally recognized percussionist, recording artist, and educator, known specifically for his work in the Latin music field. He has performed on thousands of records, co-produced and played on several instructional videos for Warner Bros. Publications (including Talking Drums, Changuito, Giovanni Hidalgo, and Ignacio Berroa), and produced seminal recordings in the Latin music genre, including Orquesta Batachanga, Grupo Bata-Ketu, Mark Levine and the Latin Tinge, and Grupo Ilu-Aņa.


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