World drumming intro

World drumming

Welcome to the world drumming section of BEAT OF DRUM. The following lessons will take us around the world looking at traditional rhythms and instrumentation.
The majority of my lessons will be for a group of players. There are of course no rules, and you can play the individual rhythms on your own. It's just a lot more fun in a group. Ideally a group size of about 8 people would be a good start.
To begin, I would suggest some basic instrumentation, which you can see illustrated in the right hand column.

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Perhaps you would like me to bring one of my workshops to your school, college, place of work or drumming circle? Please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks
Graeme Hare B.Mus(hons)

World drumming

Basic instrumentation for group playing consists of:

Djembe drums: